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The Time Plague is a continuation of the story told in the classic H.G. Wells novel “The Time Machine”. It is a first-person adventure for PC Steam-VR combining the best elements of narratively driven first-person shooters to provide the player with a game that takes them from Victorian London, across space and time to battle enemies and solve puzzles.

Coming to Steam Early Access on April 30 2024. 


It was the last years of the 19th Century, over three since you last heard from your friend, the Time Traveler, when without warning, a mysterious parcel arrives in your small house in Whitechapel, London.


Little did you know that this was just the start of an extraordinary tale that would change everything you know, and take you on adventures across both time and space. 


You must battle the dastardly Morlocks as you fight to save the love of your life Rose, but be careful, not everything and everyone is as they seem.

Join us as you journey from the life of a struggling journalist to become a time-traveling hero.

The Time Plague
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Game Screenshots

The following are a selection of screen shots from The Time Plague


Across Time

Travel through multiple time-periods, exploring for clues and battling intelligent enemies and challenging puzzles. 

What is the Morlock's plan? Why are they spreading through time? What can you do to stop them and rescue your true-love Rose?

Across Space

Travel to exotic locations carrying out missions, fighting enemies and finding a way to battle the scourge of the evil Morlocks.

Learn to fly space ships, pilot submarines and use all manner of mysterious steampunk machines.

Story First 

The Time Plague is a narratively driven first person shooter that introduces the player into the dangerous world of the "Time Traveler".

The story unfolds as you work to rescue your beloved Rose. However, be careful, not everyone and everything is as they seem. 


Who Is The Time Traveler?

You first met the Time Traveler a few years ago when you helped to document his incredible travels to the year 802,701. The novel you subsequently crafted told of his adventures battling the terrible Morlocks whilst he stayed with the gentle Eloi people. 

However, after that tale and the tragic fate of his beloved Weena, he disappeared. You had assumed by now that you would never hear from him again, although you always hoped he was somewhere in time. You hoped he was happy.

However, the delivery of a mysterious parcel to your small Whitechapel house tells a different story. The Morlocks are back and only you can help the Time Traveler save the human race!

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The Time Plague will be available for early Access in late 2023 on Steam for PC based VR. Keep in touch with us by Wishlisting us on Steam now.


It's free to do and Steam will let you know when The Time Plague is available!

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